Friday, February 26, 2010

Here's to my #1 Daughter-in-Law, Rebekah!!!
Happy Birthday, dear Bek!

(Disclaimer:  I am not a poet. I don't have a creative bone in my body. I know the following is cheesey, so I am apologizing in advance. Love ya, Bek!!!)

Ode to Coach Bekie on her 34th Birthday

You are my sunshine, one of my Sunshines,
You make me happy when hope is lost
You have perspective, you have persistence
Please don’t let that laundry get you down.

Thank you, Coach Bekie, Thank you for Jesse,
Because of you, dear, my hair’s sassy.
I love the freedom, I love the feeling,
(My hair says...) "Please don’t ere flatten me again."

You are amazing, you are inspiring,
You sort through this life like no one else,
I need your wisdom, respect your courage,
Please don’t take that ensign away.

You are my idol, you are my hero,
You’ve helped me expand (literally!) when all was lost
You understand me, I understand you,
Please know you’ve taught me charity.

Bek, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day complete with
Ice Chamber icing!
 Love that girl!!!
p.s. Good luck with that Stake Conference assignment. Can't wait to hear the scoop!!! xoxoxoxox

Friday, February 19, 2010

How I Spent My February Break

Usually we do something really exotic for these winter break weeks (I wish!). We have gone on a few cruises - that's fairly exotic - and had a lot of fun. It seems like every time there is a break in the employment action, we go somewhere and do something. Take Christmas break for example, Mickey invited us down to Florida. In our pure unadulterated insanity, we thought that would be a great idea. Which it was - sort of. Seeing all my family together was worth every second and penny spent, but when someone tells you that the week between Christmas and New Year's is the busiest week at Mickey's place, please listen to them. They are right. Let's just say the holidays 2009 were a wee bit nuts.

So here I sit with a week off and the weather is less than desirable because I don't ski or engage in any winter activities other than the occasional show shoveling. You know the drill. Anyway, this week I set out with a rather large agenda and that usually means I sleep until noon every day and get nothing done. Exotic, yes - productive, no.

That story is all in the past. Sit back, relax and enjoy the blow-by-blow of my February Break 2010. Talk about Girl Gone Wild!!!!

All the pictures rehung in the family room as the room was painted the exotic color of "Warm Cocoon" several weeks ago - CHECK.

New curtains in the family room that actually open and close and block out that occasional glare on the TV screen when I am fighting with the Wii Fit - CHECK.

New pictures of the grandchildren printed and put in frames and hung in "kitchen collage" - CHECK.

Dresser purchased from cheap furniture store for Dylan's room to put the overflow of clothing in - haven't seen the floor in months - CHECK.

(With regard to the cheap really turned out nice, but who sits in a small room thinking these things up? Who would ever believe that 300 tiny pieces of plastic, cardboard wood (?), screws, nails, weird looking pieces of metal and plastic, and drawer slides would ever come together to make a dresser that actually works and looks good? And I put it together ALL BY MYSELF!!!)

Family bathroom needed a serious makeover which included searching the internet for just the right shower curtain and towels. Once THE curtain was ordered and delivered, paint was purchased and the fun began. I still need floor mats, which the husband chirped in and gave his two cents about what color they should be. I actually agree with him. Go figure! I paid a million dollars for one gallon of this new environmentally friendly paint with no odor, primer included in the paint, one coat, etc...bla bla bla. I didn't believe it while I was buying it, but the color was perfect and besides, I am worth it. Just to let you know, the paint is unbelievable. I will never use another brand as long as I live. Trust me on this one. Benjamin Moore AURA brand. Un-stinking-believable. I am not messing with you. Several trips to Bed Bath & Beyond and voila! Bathroom updated - CHECK.

Dentist and assorted doctor appointments for Dylan and me - CHECK.

Piano tuned - CHECK.

Filters and salt changed on water softener - CHECK.

Don't be fooled. You might not be taking me on a cruise, but I can still spend money. But look at all the things I accomplished???!!! It's Friday night and I am feeling like Imelda Marcos in a new pair of shoes!

Check out the picties I am putting up for your viewing pleasure. You will probably be completely bored, so thanks for humoring me.

Till next time...