Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Vacation

Whoever thought that Disney World for Christmas was a good idea is a sadistic fool! Everyone and their silly brother, mother, sister and grandma are here, so why am I????? We are having a good time in spite of most of the world's population being here at the same time we decided to stop in to see "Ickey Mouse." I will write more later explaining all the deliciously cute things my grandchildren are up to. So, stay tuned and if we make it home on New Year's Day, it will be a true Christmas miracle.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Almost Like Being in Love...

Why must silly things from the past make us crazy from time to time? Take for there a human out there who can attest to the fact that I was a cast member of Brigadoon back in the 60's? I doubt it. Why does that bug me? Guess I better move on...not fer nuthin'!

Had a wonderful date with the missionaries tonight. They are such great influences on my boy. We can use all the elder influences we can get these days.

Not sure of the countdown, but it's almost here...The Vaisey (Griswald) Christmas Vacation - DisneyWorld 2009. I absolutely cannot wait. All my babies in one place...I can't stop dancing in the's almost like being in love.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Three Sons

My Three Sons

From right to left:  The Professor, The Lawyer and The Nose Guard

H1N1 and Applesauce

No blogging since July? That's a sin! I spent most of my summer in Cali with the Vaisey II family and LOVED every minute of it. I am counting the days until the "Five Year Plan" comes to fruition. We really miss that branch of our family and look forward to all the fun and games down south this Christmas!

Now for current's true. I have the Piggy Flu and there's not a dang thing I can do about it. Cough, cough, cough...waaaaaa! I am out of work all week and am not even having a good time. I always wanted a doctor's note, but it's not as much fun as I thought it would be.

And how does applesauce fit into this picture? Holy Hannah! SIX bushels of apples later, almost 100 quarts of both smooth and chunky sauce, life will be apple-filled for the next three or so years. I was shooting for grape juice, too, but then the pig showed up. Next year. I forget how much I love to can even though it's so much work initially. There is such a feeling of providence. Call me silly.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We are really in a jam now!!!!

We went strawberry pickin' in the thunder and lighting with a 3-year-old and a 18 month old laughing our way in the drenching rain back to the car and this is the result. Kelly's turned out better than mine. She's a natural.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Love those California Kids!

A week in the life of one Babajuje and four sweet grandbabies...take a look at what we did!

It was so fun hanging out with the Vaiseys for April break. I don't think we could have done one more thing because we were out of gas at the end of the week. Bowling, movies, teacup rides (I almost puked and DeeDee was relentless on the spinning detail), baking cookies for a sidewalk sale, sprinkler madness, cleaning out junk and packing for the big move in a week or so, reading books, watching "Little House on the Prarie" (Season 3), ice cream treats, dinner with just goes on. Oh, how I love those kids...I even kinda like the Mom and Dad kids, too. They are a well-oiled machine, those Vaiseys! Keep up the good make us proud! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where does time go?

Very fun night last night with friends. Crazy as it sounds, we made flowers from zippers and ate take-out from Joey B's. Delicious!!! Can you top that????? We also told ghost stories scaring Lynnie half to death. The desserts were heavenly - thanks to Catherine and Sher-Bear. Let's keep the tradition going, ladies! It's probably good for us!

I have been a bit delinquent in posting regular postings, but as you can see from my previous entry my life runs at either turbo speed or I am asleep. No middle of the road for me...

And furthermore...I am very excited about my impending trip to visit those California Vaiseys. There will be lots of pictures, so get ready!

Dylan's big play is this weekend - "From Zero to Hero" - and he is the "Hero." These pictures are going to be good...ones he will definitely buy back from me one day. Chorus concerts next week and then lacrosse starts in full swing (if he makes the team anyway).

Steve is busy as ever in spite of this lovely economy. I count that as such a blessing in our lives - among so many other things. We do need to figure out how to stop the madness and have a bit more fun, though. Any suggestions? I won't be accepting any ideas from you, are a troublemaker...

Till next time...check out because her blog is so much more fun than mine and you will be able to keep track of one-third of my sweet grandchildren. It doesn't get any better than that!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To recap the day...

Sometimes I wonder how I do it. I know that I am not unique. There are other people in the world just as busy, if not busier than I am. But as I sit down for the first time today at 9:20PM, for my own sanity, I wanted to chronicle the events of the day. Thanks for bearing with me. Who knows? Maybe when I am finished I will think about doing things differently...

6:00AM - Alarm goes off and I lay there until 6:20 because I can and because hubby is out of town and I have the BIG bed all to is so quiet and cozy I can't bring myself to get up. Eventually the brain overcomes the body and I jump up to take the dog-dogs (Oscar and Emmy referred to affectionately by Leeners) for a walk around the block attempting to dodge oncoming school buses and crazy people in the dark.
7:00AM - Make breakfast for Dyl and myself - eggs over easy and toast
7:20AM - Read a scripture, say a prayer and send the kid out the door to catch his bus
7:30AM - Finish cleaning up the kitchen, feed the dogs and go upstairs to get ready for work
8:10AM - Out the door; arrive at work by 8:20AM
12:10PM - Lunch - run home to let the dogs out b/c hubby isn't around
1:00PM - Back to school for the balance of a very busy day
3:45PM - 4:55PM Leave school and go the the car wash for my free 5-day rewash; stop at Home Depot to pick up supplies to repot dying plants and lightbulbs
5:00PM - Pick Dylan and his buddies up from play practice; drop everyone off and then turn around to get right back in the car at 5:45 to drop Dylan at physical therapy and the dogs at the groomer.
6:30PM - With everyone where they needed to be for the moment, I run to Pataya's to get myself a treat - two fresh shrimp spring rolls and mango sticky rice. It doesn't get any better than that...unless you pair it up with a Very Berry Smoothie from Hyjea's bought with the gift card from my Secret Elf. Called Kelly while driving to see how her trip went because I hadn't heard anything since her return from Indiana.
6:50PM - Run to ATM to get money for the groomer; pick Dylan up from PT and drop him at home.
7:00PM - Go back to Penfield to wait for the groomer to finsh; sit in the parking lot studying notes for tomorrow night's class
8:30PM - Dogs finally finished; drive home; unload car; feed dogs; check in with son #3; throw in load of laundry

And the interesting part is it starts all over again at 4:50AM tomorrow morning when I get up to go exercise so I can maintain this "sanity." Who said we aren't getting older...we are getting better? I am running out of steam, but I must enjoy what I do because I do IT everyday!!!!! Sweet dreams!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Belated Anniversary to Kelly and Jeff!

I see that I posted well wishes to Rebekah and Steve for their anniversary in December, but neglected to do the same for the local Vaiseys. Sorry!!! Although they weren't able to celebrate on the actual day, you can read all about how much Kelly loves date night with Jeffy-poo on her blog (there's a link here on mine...check it's very entertaining!). I figured babysitting the lil' munchkins for their special day was better than a photo card posted on my blog! Anywho...Happy Anniversary, Kelly & Jeff! We love you and are so proud of the life you are building with each other. Thanks for letting us be a part of that! xoxoxox

Happy Birthday Budders!!!!

Simon Whitmer Vaisey turned a whole year old last week. The homemade birthday, provided so lovingly by his wonderful mother, was a hit! Complete with a birthday banner made from scratch AND an unbelievably delicious 3-layer chocolate cake made from scratch AND sparkling grape juice, Budders celebrated with Gramma Tina, Robb, Mommy, Daddy, Lena, BopBop and Babajuje. (Dylan was celebrating in his own way in Quebec.) Sweet Budders didn't even squawk when Big Sis' Leen stuck her finger in his very first birthday cake just to make sure it tasted ok. We love you, Simon!!!! Happy 1st Birthday!!