Thursday, January 7, 2010

Awe Inspiring

I remember the old days when little things brought great excitement to my a pizza from TK's on Friday or a new water bed. Who would have ever dreamed that one could actually come face to face with their big red idol? I am recalling how to feel the love through the eyes of my sweet grandchildren. Check out this beauty!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jesus loves me this I know...

Talk about a gift from above. I love going to church to recharge my battery every week, but this one was going to be tough. We just returned from spending a glorious week in Florida with "Icky Mouse" and all of my family - kids and grandkids - but I tell you...that was no vacation! Next time it's the beach with a book and Mancala, and the kids, of course. Quiet bonding time with each of my sweet offspring is what I am talking about. Not fer nuthin'!!!

But, as usual, I am off topic. I know Jesus loves me because He cancelled church today and I am going back to bed! Having stayed up all night getting ready for our first big week of the year in Primary, this is truly a gift. Now I can truly recharge my battery!

Now maybe if I wear my pajamas inside out there won't be any school tomorrow!!! Here's to the New Year!