Sunday, August 15, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation.

Working in the school system, I am sure this question, requiring a response, will come up several times once September 7th comes and goes. For my own piece of mind and the feeling that I am a decent grandmother, I need to make some notes here to clear some space in my noggin. Thanks for humoring me.

June 29th: Oldest son, Steve and his ridiculously cute family show up late at night for the summer visit. Luckily we had a place for them to hang their hats in the evenings and early morns' so no one got too cranky too soon. You know that old saying about fish and family...well, we were going to do our best to avoid any correlation to sardines.

We swam and swam and swam. We had really good food the first week and then I lost my mojo. I kept reminding myself that August 23rd would be here soon enough and I would be in a heap crying my eyeballs out about all the things we didn't do. I think I have done well - not amazingly - but well at not offending anyone outright. We have been to movies, to arcades, to toy stores, to SeaBreeze, to friend's houses, to the cottage riding hotdogs, jetski and sunfish sailboats. We have made smores on the fire pitt out back, but also (in desparation) on the gas stove. We have made the children aware of the difference between "babysitter candy" and "kid candy." Some things are sacred. Don't touch the "babysitter candy." Its the essense of survival.

We have gone school shopping, we have jumped on the trampoline, we have trashed the house, the car and anywhere else we land. We have had sleepovers. We have eaten enough Eggo waffles to feed a third world country. We have played Life, Legos, Candy Land, Disney Scene It and a new game called "Scream As Loud As You Possibly Can Just Because You Can." That one usually ends up with the adults hanging from the ceiling by their dewclaws.

We have eaten ice cream, more ice cream, Dippin' Dots, popcicles, drumsticks, etc. Isn't ice cream one of the food groups in the summer? I always thought so. The eleven pounds I have picked up lately are a testament to that tradition. Stop the madness.

We have had family reunions and graduation parties and weddings to attend. People are still talking about us!

We have played Scrabble, which that cheating Coach Bekie wins every time. It's getting old! I am sure there are tons of other things we have shared, but the most important thing for me was to be able to look in the eyes of each of my delicious grandchildren and just listen. Oliver has taught me the versatility of peanut butter sandwiches. Lena and Eloise have taught me about love/hate relationships. Simon has shown great courage as he jumps off the diving board into the deep end of the pool and comes up smiling every time. Eloise has shown me how wonderful it can be when a little girl runs up and throws her arms around you and says, "I LOVE YOU, BABAJUJE!" every day. Milo has taught me how to be obedient even when it's hard. Delia has reminded me what is was like to be the oldest in a family and how hard that can be sometimes. She is a very good example to me of doing the right thing all the time, while trying to scam gum out of my purse. She is a great friend and loves people.

I am one of the luckiest mothers, wives, and/or grandmothers on this here planet. This will be a summer I never forget. One I hope we can duplicate again. One I hope my grandchildren and children will remember with fondness even though I lose battery power from time to time. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is real and it's alive and it changes people's lives. I have seen pure, undeniable proof of that this summer.

I love you guys!!!