Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poor Neglected Kelly

Just for the record, I have two incredible daughter-in-laws. Back in February, I wrote an ode to Bek for her birthday. The extent of my poetic assets is slim, so I beg your forgiveness if you actually took the time to read it. Kinda like watching home movies with someone else. Rebekah and I have seen all sides of each other, well...sort of...and there's nothing I wouldn't do for her. I hope she knows that.

But enough about her! There is another that deserves acknowledgement. I missed posting this for her birthday, which was March 31st, but hope that Kelly will accept my meager belated offering.

First of all, Kelly is my maiden name, so that is the first connection we have. ("Oh, please...we need more than this...")

Secondly, she was brave enough to marry my son, Jeff. Anyone that knows Jeff knows this life-changing decision for Kelly has been truly that. The fun-loving-SVU-soccer-playing-tough-guy has turned into a hair twirling with eyes gazed over staring at his iPhone kinda guy. It happens when you grow up, I guess. But Kelly is truly the better half of Jeff. She has produced two, almost three, of the most amazing grandchildren ever born. (In a few weeks, there will be seven amazing grandchildren on this planet...yes, I have the market cornered.)

Kelly is a great mother and a loyal wife. She is honest in her dealings with her mother-in-law and I appreciate knowing where she is coming from most of the time. She is a very creative homemaker (yes, laundry has been known to get her down, but who doesn't have that problem?), has an amazing eye for style and always picks up after herself. I really appreciate it when their little family has been over for a visit, she doesn't leave without making sure this joint looks better than it did when she arrived. That means a lot to me.

Kelly is so creative. Every inch of their home has the Kelly-flair shining through and through. From the pee-yella entertainment center to the funky turquoise lamp in the living room, to the mini beds in Simon and Lena's room, the red picnic table (I mean REALLY red), the square foot garden, the extra special birthday parties, homemade bread, the craziest kid's clothes she finds on the web (where does one look for these things??), along with her ability to put on a burlap bag and look like a million bucks (even at 8 3/4 months pregnant) and I haven't even mentioned her blog writing capabilities yet. http://www.whoopsyvaisey.blogspot.com/


I am so glad that she said yes. I am so glad that she is part of our eternal family. I am so glad that she loves being a mother. I am so glad that she loves being a mother at home with my grandchildren. I am so glad that she hasn't killed Jeff yet. I love you, Kelly. Have I said that lately? If not, I do!!!