Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My husband is out of town and my head hurts...

Most of you might think that a woman's head should hurt when her husband is IN town, but not me. Over the past few weeks, I have gained a greater appreciation for how hard my husband works to support our family. I am covering for him this week while he is attending scout camp with Dylan and my head is spinning. I don't know how he does what he does every day. What a lucky gal I am, and I really need to start helping more. I suppose I get credit for the calendars going out every year - usually on Christmas Eve - which is no small feat, but there is a whole lot more going on than passing our menus and mailing calendars. (Inside joke...) Anywho...I need to be more supportive and help him with the madness. My specialty is organization and getting things off "the list" using my one-touch method. I wonder how much he will pay me????? Ha!

Anyway, I thought I was going to have so much alone time this week to play with my family (ok...Lena and Simon - forget the Jeff and Kelly), but I haven't had two seconds to myself. I heard from a friend of mine today about a place called Color Me something or another and it's in Pittsford. Kids can go there to create artsie fartsie projects. I do believe Lena would love that, so I am definitely looking into that adventure.

I need to go exercising tomorrow morning before my friend, Amy, disowns me. It has been over 3 weeks since we have been serious about our commitment to the "NO FLAB" philosophy. Not working so well this summer. It's summer...who wants to get up at 5AM? I get busy on projects and am lucky I get to bed by 5AM.

I am still working on the grandkid entry...it's such a work of art that I almost can't stop myself. How does one woman get so lucky???? I ask you...how?????

And thanks to SherBear and KKKKKKK for a fun afternoon of girl stuff. We need to do that more often. Sweet dreams!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anticipation, Anticipaaation...

is making me late...keeping me waaaaaaiting...

Dylan arrives home tonight after visiting with his brother and family in California for the past 3+ weeks. It has been quite rejuvinating for all...hopefully Steve and Rebekah will recover soon.

I am very much looking forward to seeing Dyl after his stint at Bekah Bootcamp. You have heard of Super Nanny? You ain't seen nuthin' yet...structural changes complete with a heavy dose of spiritual enlightenment at every turn and there you have it...Bekah Bootcamp. If I had tried to create a scenerio that was more perfect for our family at this moment in time, it wouldn't have been possible. Answers to prayers, my friends...answers to prayers. Now, let's hope I don't screw it up...

And, you also might be anticipating my next blog entry with great rapture and wonder...like where are those grandkids she brags about all the time? I didn't purposely leave them out of the introduction, but wanted to save a whole blog entry just for them. So stay tuned as I create the perfect yarn complete with picties (as Kelly would say).

P.S. I am all alone this week as Dylan and his dad leave for Scout camp at 3AM...that's less than 4 hours from now in case you are looking at a clock, and our little Scouter hasn't even landed in Rochester yet. My husband is the best! I couldn't do it, but he will and he will do it well. I get to be Realtor of the Year this week. Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's about time...

I started blogging a while back, but I didn't like what I posted. I was whining about turning 50 and now that October 6, 2007 came and went...guess what? It's been the worst of times and the best of times. How can I complain when I have a husband who loves me unconditionally (I am still trying to figure that one out); three of the greatest sons that Heavenly Father ever sent to earth; two of the finest daughter-in-laws a mother could ever ask for (they are extraordinary mothers and wives, and I don't think they dislike me too much for how much "conditioning" they have had to implement being married to my boys); and a strong faith that has carried me through both the good and the bad for the last 22 years. I am truly blessed and loving life...well, except when the dogs go outside and roll in smelly stuff. But other than that, no complaints here.

I plan on using this blog to keep in touch with friends and family. I hope you will visit often and let me know what you think and/or how you are doing. Talk to you soon!