Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Budders!!!!

Simon Whitmer Vaisey turned a whole year old last week. The homemade birthday, provided so lovingly by his wonderful mother, was a hit! Complete with a birthday banner made from scratch AND an unbelievably delicious 3-layer chocolate cake made from scratch AND sparkling grape juice, Budders celebrated with Gramma Tina, Robb, Mommy, Daddy, Lena, BopBop and Babajuje. (Dylan was celebrating in his own way in Quebec.) Sweet Budders didn't even squawk when Big Sis' Leen stuck her finger in his very first birthday cake just to make sure it tasted ok. We love you, Simon!!!! Happy 1st Birthday!!


  1. What a nice tribute to Sime's birthday juje! :-) We had fun, didn't we?

  2. Juje, it looks like you are knocking back a glass of white wine. And then it looks like you are giving it to simon. you big lush. (now you are going to tell me it was just apple juice. likely story.)

  3. Please don't make fun of know I have always had a drinking problem. Everyone at the party thought it was sparking apple juice. Ha!