Monday, December 7, 2009

Almost Like Being in Love...

Why must silly things from the past make us crazy from time to time? Take for there a human out there who can attest to the fact that I was a cast member of Brigadoon back in the 60's? I doubt it. Why does that bug me? Guess I better move on...not fer nuthin'!

Had a wonderful date with the missionaries tonight. They are such great influences on my boy. We can use all the elder influences we can get these days.

Not sure of the countdown, but it's almost here...The Vaisey (Griswald) Christmas Vacation - DisneyWorld 2009. I absolutely cannot wait. All my babies in one place...I can't stop dancing in the's almost like being in love.


  1. no. but I was a cast member of brigadoon in the 90's. The question is will dylan still talk to me now that i have burdened him with a devotional for the grand reunion? Don't really care actually because for some reason giving dylan assignments is almost like being in love for me! I just love it. weird, i know. I must be a sadist at heart.

  2. You always have something bigger and better than I do! It's not fair. As for devotional madness, bring it on! I love it!!! I don't have my assignment yet.