Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To recap the day...

Sometimes I wonder how I do it. I know that I am not unique. There are other people in the world just as busy, if not busier than I am. But as I sit down for the first time today at 9:20PM, for my own sanity, I wanted to chronicle the events of the day. Thanks for bearing with me. Who knows? Maybe when I am finished I will think about doing things differently...

6:00AM - Alarm goes off and I lay there until 6:20 because I can and because hubby is out of town and I have the BIG bed all to myself...it is so quiet and cozy I can't bring myself to get up. Eventually the brain overcomes the body and I jump up to take the dog-dogs (Oscar and Emmy referred to affectionately by Leeners) for a walk around the block attempting to dodge oncoming school buses and crazy people in the dark.
7:00AM - Make breakfast for Dyl and myself - eggs over easy and toast
7:20AM - Read a scripture, say a prayer and send the kid out the door to catch his bus
7:30AM - Finish cleaning up the kitchen, feed the dogs and go upstairs to get ready for work
8:10AM - Out the door; arrive at work by 8:20AM
12:10PM - Lunch - run home to let the dogs out b/c hubby isn't around
1:00PM - Back to school for the balance of a very busy day
3:45PM - 4:55PM Leave school and go the the car wash for my free 5-day rewash; stop at Home Depot to pick up supplies to repot dying plants and lightbulbs
5:00PM - Pick Dylan and his buddies up from play practice; drop everyone off and then turn around to get right back in the car at 5:45 to drop Dylan at physical therapy and the dogs at the groomer.
6:30PM - With everyone where they needed to be for the moment, I run to Pataya's to get myself a treat - two fresh shrimp spring rolls and mango sticky rice. It doesn't get any better than that...unless you pair it up with a Very Berry Smoothie from Hyjea's bought with the gift card from my Secret Elf. Called Kelly while driving to see how her trip went because I hadn't heard anything since her return from Indiana.
6:50PM - Run to ATM to get money for the groomer; pick Dylan up from PT and drop him at home.
7:00PM - Go back to Penfield to wait for the groomer to finsh; sit in the parking lot studying notes for tomorrow night's class
8:30PM - Dogs finally finished; drive home; unload car; feed dogs; check in with son #3; throw in load of laundry

And the interesting part is it starts all over again at 4:50AM tomorrow morning when I get up to go exercise so I can maintain this "sanity." Who said we aren't getting older...we are getting better? I am running out of steam, but I must enjoy what I do because I do IT everyday!!!!! Sweet dreams!


  1. Busy?? yes, I agree...but how many Poopy BUTTS did you wipe? You have me on busy, I have you on stinky;] I should have gotten and education so I could work with wonderful angel children in the public school..day after day...week after week....month after month...year after year...
    Never mind! I'll stick to BUTTS;}}}