Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anticipation, Anticipaaation...

is making me late...keeping me waaaaaaiting...

Dylan arrives home tonight after visiting with his brother and family in California for the past 3+ weeks. It has been quite rejuvinating for all...hopefully Steve and Rebekah will recover soon.

I am very much looking forward to seeing Dyl after his stint at Bekah Bootcamp. You have heard of Super Nanny? You ain't seen nuthin' yet...structural changes complete with a heavy dose of spiritual enlightenment at every turn and there you have it...Bekah Bootcamp. If I had tried to create a scenerio that was more perfect for our family at this moment in time, it wouldn't have been possible. Answers to prayers, my friends...answers to prayers. Now, let's hope I don't screw it up...

And, you also might be anticipating my next blog entry with great rapture and where are those grandkids she brags about all the time? I didn't purposely leave them out of the introduction, but wanted to save a whole blog entry just for them. So stay tuned as I create the perfect yarn complete with picties (as Kelly would say).

P.S. I am all alone this week as Dylan and his dad leave for Scout camp at 3AM...that's less than 4 hours from now in case you are looking at a clock, and our little Scouter hasn't even landed in Rochester yet. My husband is the best! I couldn't do it, but he will and he will do it well. I get to be Realtor of the Year this week. Wish me luck!

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