Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Almost Birthday Time!!!

Another year goes by, but this year I am going backwards. No more of this 50-something stuff. I will be 49 on October 6th. Happy Birthday to me!!! Thank goodness for hair dye and wrinkle cream as no one ever suspects my age. That is, unless they see me hanging with my grandbabies...but the teenager calling me "Mom" confusing everything. I love it!

Latest news includes school is back in session, so Dylan and I are now on a regular schedule. I love it when summer hits, but about halfway through I start craving some sort of order. Left to my own devices, I will stay up all night and sleep all day. What a joke that is! I would take four straight hours of sleep in a row and feel really fortunate. Menopause is such a mean bed fellow...get it?

Dylan is playing football again this year. He is on the Fairport Red Raiders Mod B Team #1. That's my boy...#63 on top! I never thought I would have a football player as Jeff was always a soccer player and Steve played the guitar. Ok...Steve played some soccer, too, but preferred the guitar any day. They both tried football for a year and I must admit I was glad they gave it up. I wasn't fond of all that smashing into each other. But...enter Dylan...and you have something to smash up against. He is covered with bruises, but loves the sport. Steve (husband) is the official team photographer and I must admit is turning out some sweet pictures of the team. All the parents are raving.

We are preparing for a trip to California in October for Delia and Milo's birthdays. It's hard to believe that DeeDee will be 8 years old and ready for baptism. Can it be so???? Milo will be 6 and wants a green Power Ranger costume (killing me), Eloise is as beautiful and chatty as ever and Oliver just turned 1. We can't wait to see them. California is so far away...have I said that before?????

Work is good. I really enjoy working with my students in the computer lab. My co-workers are great people, too, which makes going in every day all that much more fun. Steve's work has been interesting with the economy such as it is. I tell him not to sweat it as I have us covered. My BIG huge paycheck might take us to Friday. We do have health benefits, though, so that's the good news!

Nothing else exciting to report. I miss my family and friends that live far away, and my dream is to take a world tour to visit everyone. Given I have a teenager at home and money is an interesting topic these days, I don't foresee much travel in the future. As I work on my latest passion of family history, more than ever I would love to connect with family members I haven't seen in 30+ years. With all that's available on the Internet now, gathering new branches to the tree happens all the time. I love it!

Life is good and all I can say is thank goodness for the World Wide Web!

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  1. I can see why the team parents are raving about the football pix. Big Steve has a photog's eye!