Thursday, October 23, 2008 we come!

California was so fun!!!! We had the pleasure of traveling to the other side of the world to see our oldest son, Steve, and his remarkable wife, Rebekah. They have produced four of the most incredible children ever born. (The other two live in Brighton...:)) Just thought I would share some pictures of the greatest joy I have ever known. I should qualify this by saying that watching Dylan play football is right up there as well. (Since I have never seen Jeff score a goal in soccer, I am bitter and won't mention him in this posting.)

It was DeeDee and Milo's birthdays, so we had a bowling!!! Let's just say we all needed bumpers! Birthday cakes, lots of know the drill. Milo had fun helping the next door neighbor cut down their extremely tall pine tree...hence the hard hat. Milo made sure that the cool guy with the chain saw had a piece of birthday cake in exchange for the opportunity of donning that yellow beauty. He cracks us up!

ZuZu (a/k/a Eloise) and I took a trip to Target and she picked out those beautiful sparkle shoes...pretty shoes. She wore them everywhere. Talk about a treasure...that ZuZu is a trip and a half! She never stops talking, but always has the sweetest things to say. What a fun time we had in California...even though Dyl missed a big football game. The burn is still being felt...not to mention the heaps of homework he faced upon return to school. He may have to phone in Milo's baptism in two years. Not a good time of year for #3 son.


  1. Juje, are you trying to bowl or fly in that picture???
    Love, you author friend;}

  2. I was flying...isn't that how you bowl? Maybe that's the problem...